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​about us

About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2009 by Henry Wong, the Wongguys Group has become a well-known name in the restaurant business.

In recent years, especially after the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, Wongguys Group went through a company-wide restructuring to reestablish its name and reputation. Wong revitalized his restaurant business with new management techniques, improved marketing skills, and a passion for bringing WONGGUYS GROUP into the big league.

However,  the company success does not take away from their humble origins, for the company began as a simple ten-seat take-out restaurant. Over the next decade, it evolved into multiple unique and upscale bars and restaurants that provide the guests with the atmosphere and environment they want for their dining experiences.

This evolution was not easy, and it continues to inspire Wong to constantly improve his skills, and therefore, the skills of the business.


Team of Wongguys

Henry Wong is the visionary behind WONGGUYS GROUP, a rising star in the restaurant business. By blending American and Asian cultures, Wongguys Group delivers the best of both worlds to its customers - ancient traditions and futuristic dreams brimming with hope.

Wong's journey in the restaurant industry began with a small venture in Boston's Chinatown, featuring only ten seats. Through a series of successes and failures, he honed his skills and developed the right approach to running restaurants and bars.

 In 2019, after an experimental phase, Henry Wong restructured the management of his restaurant, solidifying the Wongguys Group's success.

Customer experience reigns supreme in the restaurant and bar business, and Wong understands this implicitly. The WONGGUYS GROUP is the culmination of his years of experience and deep understanding of the food industry.

founder of wongguys group


Corporate Principle Operator

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